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A Mindful Life with
Mindfulness Now


Mindfulness practice teaches us to leave autopilot habitual living. Living on autopilot our mind and behaviours can be hijacked away from living in the present, which then can lead us to be engrossed in never ending trains of thought. These thoughts can be trivial, or they can become obsessive and overwhelming leading to stress, fear, and anxiety.   Mindfulness guides us back towards a more conscious state of being.

Mindfulness, living in the moment is something that everybody can do, we all do it to a certain extend on a daily basis. The practice of mindfulness harnesses this innate ability and enhances our proficiency to help us develop our potential.

Bringing ourselves back into the present moment more often promotes the forming of beneficial habits, emotions, and thoughts. This can lead to greater compassion for both self and others, can enhance mood away from draining negative thoughts and feelings, towards a more positive happy contented existence.  It can lessen or turn off unhelpful disruptive thought patterns which then help lessen stress, anxiety, and fear, bringing more clarity and balanced thought. It has also been shown to improve sleep and one’s ability to cope with

pain sensations.

Mindfulness Now is a Fusion of the key elements from both MBSR & MBCT it is flexible in its approach. Utilysing both formal and informal techniques. 

Mindfulness involves practices, meditations and exercises which teaches the participant to become aware of their mind and body, but mindfulness can also come from other sources like walking in nature, looking or participating in art forms and anything that brings us into flow state where we are totally absorbed in what we are doing in the moment.

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