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Meet Slee

Certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist 
& Mindfulness Now Teacher

Let me introduce myself.  I created True Thoughts therapy & I am a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness teacher. 


I am also very proud to be a Senior Nurse within the NHS & have worked over 40 years culminating in being a Consultant Nurse for many years.


I like to work in a collaborative way with my clients & patients, ensuring they are confident in the treatment plan & that its designed specifically around their requirements & goals.

I have always been committed to caring & supporting people helping them gain the best possible health be that physically or mentally.


Since setting up my practice I have helped countless people manage anxieties worries & stresses.  Identifying & dealing with any negative self-talk, which limits belief in yourself & forms blocks & obstacles that stops or makes reaching goals & potential so much harder.


By addressing toxic thoughts, beliefs & self-defeating behaviours such as procrastinating, avoidance, & perfectionism. Learning new more positive helpful beliefs, behaviours & thoughts help make positive changes in your life possible.


As a nurse I also understand how physical illness & the accompanying symptoms can be influenced by the mind & emotions both in negative and positive ways. Understanding this link can help with our ability to manage & cope with symptoms & treatments as well as perhaps influencing disease progression.


Utylising what we learn from Cognitive Behavioural therapy & reinforcing with Hypnotherapy enables better ways of thinking to be absorbed & acted upon. This means dealing with stress, physical symptoms, emotions, behaviours & anxieties become much more manageable & controlled resulting in improved feeling self efficacy and power.


In 2020 our world changed bringing a whole new range of problems & anxieties for us to deal with. As an NHS worker I continued to work, not only continuing with my day to day clinical role but also supporting my colleagues with managing with their anxieties worries and often sheer exhaustion using the techniques I utilyse now in my private practice. Using CBH & mindfulness became vital to many people during this time.


I also joined together with Alex James also a CBH & mindfulness teacher to create 


a free website for NHS workers with resources & exercises designed to support staff mental health during this crisis. The website drew media attention and was not only taken up by NHS trusts but also started being used by emergency services and other front line staff, not only in the UK but internationally.

PHOTO-2020-03-27-10-23-06 instagram.jpg

As the website travelled the globe many people around the world used the resources as a way of handling their stress and anxiety, as well as supporting their overall mental health.


Alex & I went on to create a similar platform of free resources for the NSPCC staff who were tirelessly supporting children during the pandemic.

I continue to work part time within the NHS however my main focus now is helping a wider range of people to find peace, calm and happiness in their lives. Using my extensive experience and knowledge.

True Thoughts Therapy offers you that same help,  support  & therapeutic solutions. 

Give me a ring I offer a 30 minute free session so you can tell me what it is you want to achieve & find out what I can do to ensure you start to take back control of your life.



Working with me will make the difference you have been looking for.

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