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What is Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is a therapy that joins the talking therapy of (CBT) which deals with problems and issues that are happening in the present rather than fixating on earlier life trauma or events that happened in the past, combined with hypnosis which is a way of harnessing the power of the mind to respond to suggestions whilst in a relaxed state of consciousness with focused concentration.


Designed to help manage problems by changing how you think and behave. Utilising powerful techniques which will equip you to deal with issues in a positive way then reinforcing the beneficial changes in thoughts and behaviours with the focused attention attained in hypnosis.


Within this state of consciousness, you are aware of what is going on and are always in control. It is rather like being absorbed in a book or some music, you know what is going on around, but choose not to notice preferring to be absorbed in the book or music. I will make suggestions that we will have worked on and established during the talking therapy, you can choose to go along with them or choose not to, the choice is always yours.

This combined therapy has been shown as an effective way of treating and managing symptoms of several different short- and long-term health conditions. Although these physical conditions cannot be cured with CBH these techniques can be used very successfully to help cope and relieve many symptoms and help reduce stress which can trigger many differing conditions.

Anxiety & stress

Anxiety disorders can manifest in many ways.

Making you feel out of control & wondering why you are not able to manage some seemingly simple things without being crippled with uncontrollable emotions or distressing physical symptoms such as sweating, shaking, palpitations and with the sudden inability to talk, find words and even talk clearly or coherantly.

Often this leaves you feeling frustrated, sad and perhaps even angry with yourself, judging yourself poorly at your pecieved helplessness in being unable to cope and conquer your anxieties.

All this can lead to intense excessive emotions, worry, anxiety and fear which can interrupt daily tasks, and also can take a toll on you physically

with feelings of fatigue, sleep disturbances, muscle tension, heart rate irregularities and shortness of breath.

Working together we will look at your trigger situations, emotions, thoughts, and actions learning to recognise and reframe putting into place new improved ways of thinking and behaving which are more helpful to you allowing you to face difficult situations more easily and with confidence in your new found abilities.

 It's all about Balance

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Pain & Other Medical Conditions

Hypnotic interventions have been shown to consistently produce a significant decrease in the perception of pain in a variety of chronic- pain conditions. Repeated practice of either daily led practice in the form of listening to recordings or learning self-hypnosis can help with management of chronic pain from differing sources.


Some medical conditions carry with them psychological problems such as anxiety and stress for which cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy is effective. Helping to adopt a self-management approach building a repertoire of skills and tools to help cope with symptoms, emotions, and disease management.

This includes both chronic and acute conditions all of which can impact greatly on psychological wellbeing.

Combining with some ACT & mindfulness techniques CBH can build resilience confidence and appropriate self-care and self-regulation routines.

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