Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness

Are you Overwhelmed?

Ruled by Anxieties & Worries? 

Feeling unable to cope or that you are

struggling with life?

Thoughts, feelings & behaviours can hold you back, meaning you are unable to move forward

through your life in the way you really want to.

Working on those thoughts and behaviours

can change your life. Creating a new you.

Creating the person you want to be.

Living the life you want to live.


Learn how with my help using Cogntive Behavioural techniques reinforced with Hypnosis and Mindfulness.

I specialise helping people manage and overcome anxieties & unhelpful behaviours, both in

their general life and at when at work.

Teaching ways not only to help them overcome issues but to go on and thrive.

From social anxieties through to performance anxieties.

I also draw on my 40 years background in nursing to help people deal with conditions whose symptoms can be exaccebated by stress and anxiety such as

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, other gastrointestinal issues,  & asthma. So if you suffer from symptoms, emotions

& behaviours that impact negatively on your life

causing distressing thoughts, worry, emotions &  perhaps sleep disturbances, contact me now. 

I can help.

By working with you using recognised

techniques to help you identify, understand and

change your thoughts and behaviours then reframing into helpful positive actions going forward. You will not only feel more in control but you will thrive.

Situated in Greater London. Online therapy available

as well as face to face consultations.


Meet Slee Parrish

Certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Now & Stress Management and Resillence Building Teacher

Using evidence backed techniques,  & exercises I will devise a unique treatment plan with you and we will work together towards successful completion of your goals.

Ensuring the best possible outcomes and taking you towards living your best life ever.

Co creator of NHS in mind a mental health website for frontline NHS staff during the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Image by Amy Earl

The Journey Towards Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Discovery & Love. Begin Your Journey Today.


“A real eye opener. After just a few sessions I have been able to take control of my menopausal symptoms rather than them controlling me."

- Melissa B

“Its simply not a problem anymore. Thank you”

- Sara R

“ Slee understood completely and set out a treatment plan that's really working"

- Tim R

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